Review: Fatapiller by SRBunting

Fatapiller fell from the highest branch and is upside down, in a strange new place. At the top of the tree grows the lime green leaves, the only food that Fatapiller can eat to make his cocoon. Despite his many challenges, Fatapiller quickly learns to accept whatever comes his way. No longer worried, Fatapiller first listens to his breath and soon hears ocean waves breaking in the distance. His eyes are drawn to the gigantic red and yellow flowers slowly moving in the salty ocean breeze.

Eventually he meets the devious Mr Gecko. Mr Gecko is very hungry and Fatapiller is very fat.

This has been quite an interesting ride, at least for Mr. Fatapiller! It was fun to see the fat caterpillar wiggling and crawling about, at the same time, wisely dodged Mr. Gecko’s hungry advances. I read this story to my kids last night and they had a laugh at Mr. Gecko’s fate.  Just when he thought he had Fatapiller fooled, tables turned and the joke was on him.

My older boys loved the illustrations and the rough storyboard. I myself liked the wonderful artwork – Fatapiller was precisely and cutely illustrated, I couldn’t help but gush over him. My youngest (5-year old) son read the poem version of the story and it was really sweet. He told me he liked butterflies and I can tell that Fatapiller really inspired him.

We all hope to read more about Fatapiller’s adventures and the other interesting characters that SRBunting would be writing about soon!

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