Book Freebie: Shifting for Love by Leah Grant

Shifting For Love
by Leah Grant

Gren has been sent on assignment to Meadowlark Hills to hunt and destroy the evil that has been plaguing the small town. Ever since his relative stole gold from a member of an ancient race, troll-shifter Gren has been cursed with regulating evil. While moving in, Gren finds his new neighbor is also on a mission—to seduce him. He needs to keep his secret safe, but when Omelia meets his troll by accident, he hatches a plan to convince her she’s imagined it all. When the evil decides to bring Omelia into the equation, Gren is haunted by a mistake he made in the past. How much will he give up to have Omelia in his life? Everything—almost.

FREE on March 24 & 25 only! Get your copy now on AMAZON 


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