Review: Sealed With a Kiss by Mysti Parker


✮ (¸.•´✶ (¸.•`Happy Release Day!!`•.¸)✶´•.¸)✮

Sealed With a Kiss (City Meets Country #3)
by Mysti Parker & MJ Post

To love again, he’ll either sink or swim.

There’s only one person Gabriel Castillo has always aspired to be – his father, an expert sea lion trainer at New York Aquarium. Then tragedy strikes. Now he must step into his father’s shoes, take care of his mother, and cut ties in a dead-end relationship.

He’s resigned to being single and 100% work-focused until Harper Wheeler arrives. The new tour guide from Kentucky draws him in like a fish on a hook, but he has to concentrate on his job if he wants to continue his father’s legacy. Getting swept up in Harper’s southern charms will just complicate things. So why can’t he stay away?

Harper had dreamed of spreading her wings to get out of Kentucky and away from her dead-end life there. She jumps at the chance to work at New York Aquarium, and she has no desire to get weighed down with a boyfriend anytime soon.

The sexy Cuban sea lion trainer is making that really difficult, but he can’t see what a great guy he really is. Should she risk her heart trying to convince him otherwise?

Cuban sea lion trainer Gabriel Castillo got a big responsibility to fulfill after his father died. Tired and fed up from his too obsessive girlfriend Rachel, he broke up with her a few days after the funeral. And vowed to focus more on business and start being the man he was destined to be. Lovelife not included on his timetable. Now, if only Rachel could just take the hint and leave him alone!

Harper Wheeler made the big move from Kentucky to the big city, New York. Determined to show that she’s more than a pretty face, she proved that she’s not only good with animals, but also with kids and had a big heart for those with special needs. Now, if only Rachel could just see her potential and not treat her like a dummy and take her hands off Gabe…

I couldn’t stop laughing and grinning like an idiot while reading this latest addiction from Mysti Parker and MJ Post. OMG! Gabriel and Harper’s chemistry was off the charts and I love love love their awkward slow-burn romance. Their love for kids and animals was definitely a bonus factor to the story, as it made me realize that I’ve always confused seals with sea lions.

And oh! Their shoe predicament had me rolling on the floor, and all those stench that come along with them. Ugh, yeah I know that’s gross, but their chemistry made this story so entertaining. And lastly, Harper and Gabe’s attraction was so magnetic that I was pulled into their orbit and made me forget about positive and negative charges. I lived for their silly and witty banters and how they effectively managed and solved problems even when there were slight hiccups. They definitely made a great team! Just like Mysti and MJ!

This is probably my favorite from the City Meets Country series!!


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