Review: Bryxx by Tarisa Marie

Bryxx (Crimson Forest #1)
by Tarisa Marie

A small town in Montana hides a tragic supernatural secret. Over the span of centuries, many lives have been lost, many people have gone missing, and many others have lost their minds in the blink of an eye, all without explanation.

When May returns to the farm she lived on until age 15, she quickly learns that the unfortunate events of her family’s past are not as coincidental as she always thought, her hometown is plagued with deadly immortal beings, and now she too is about to fall victim of the dangerous supernatural world, just as her ancestors. Her brother, who’s been missing since childhood, turns out to secretly be living just down the road from the family farmhouse, her blood will literally be the death of her, and the man she wants to trust most, the man she’s quickly falling in love with, is also one of the beings she should fear the most.

May vowed never to return to her childhood home in Montana. But here she was, seven years after her mom tried to kill her. On top of that, her father died suspiciously of heart attack and her brother had gone missing with his best friend. Now that her mother was dead and she sold their house, some things still felt so eerily strange. It wasn’t until she almost died in a car accident when she discovered the truth about her brother and the Bryxx and her blood.

Plot was really good; I liked the idea of Bryxx or immortals with powers beyond compare, living in close-knit community, as far away from humans as possible and protect their own kind. Kade was a great character, secretive yet can be trusted and very easy to love. May, however, didn’t ignite a spark for me. I don’t know, seemed like she was too dependent and too trusting of the people around her. She’s like Twilight’s Bella all over again. But I gotta hand it to May for her determination to solve a mystery and unfaltering support to the ones she love. Speaking of which, Kai and Daniel, now that’s a formidable duo if I’d seen one. Gotta love these two protective mutts.

My only pet peeve was, there were too many typographical errors in the book, like misspellings, missing letters and wrong choice of words. Instead of using accept, the author used except – also with the word affect, she used effect instead. I’m no grammar nazi, but I just can’t help cringe when I notice these errors, sometimes it makes me want to stop and DNF. But the story was too good to pass up, so I delved on it and read until the end.

Everything about Bryxx and the supernatural surrounding it fascinated me. Filthy rich immortals, bad and good demons, vampires with morals, ghosts and wraiths, you name it, Bryxx got it. In the end, it had me wishing for the next book in the series. It’s all good and fascinatingly supernatural!


I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, and then I purchased the book on Amazon for free.

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