Review: Fall With Me by Jayne Frost

Fall With Me: Rockstar Romance
(Sixth Street Bands Book 2)
by Jayne Frost

Love isn’t an emotion—it’s a chemical reaction.
Like gasoline meeting a flame. Eventually, the fire burns out.
Luckily I’m in the right business. Women don’t expect more than I can give.
When I meet Melody, I’m on board for a little fun.
I admit, she’s under my skin. But since we share the same philosophy there’s no chance this will turn into anything more.
Is there?

Christian Sears didn’t believe in love. He spent his days touring and playing with his band mates whom he considered family and who accepted his passion for music, instead of being the man his father wanted him to be. He was smart – book smart – and as sexy as hell.

Melody Sullivan’s world revolve around books and research and her nana. Deviating to another world would falter her hopes and dreams of finding a cure for something she have fully invested on. She was a control-freak, she had dreams, she had plans. Falling in love with a bass guitarist wasn’t part of that plan.

My heart is all over the place right now, but in a good way. This story is so heartfelt and keeps on sending shivers down my spine. Christian had me swooning from the moment he spouted Star Wars trivia and since then, I haven’t stopped thinking about him.

Fall With Me is book 2 of the Sixth Street Bands series, but it’s my 3rd book by Jayne Frost. I know I wasn’t able to read this series chronologically, but that’s okay since this can be read as a standalone. Initially, I was rooting for Chase Noble because he’s too hot to handle. But now that I met Christian, I just have to forget about Chase. Because I think Christian is the one.

You want to know he truth? I actually have a weakness for bad boys with brains and brawns. I find geek guys sexy. I dig guys in glasses acting all nerdy and hunky at the same time.  I like listening to them spurting uncommon knowledge while flexing those muscles. Yup, I’m weird like that. And that’s why I love Christian. Yes, I believe I fell in love with Mr. Wikipedia himself.  I was totally drooling and swooning and melting by the time I finished reading this book.

And of course, I also like Melody, the woman who knocked down his world and got him to say those three little words. Although I had hoped that her diabetic condition was further discussed, and Christian’s father issues were further amplified, i was more than happy when I met her Nana, Mo. The tears in my eyes couldn’t stop flowing down, i had to let it all out, until the last page, right down to the author’s special dedication to her own nana.  OMG, I haven’t cried hard in a long time, until today. I think I’ve fallen in love with both the characters and the author herself. This was just so perfectly beautiful!

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