Review: High On You by Mysti Parker & MJ Post

High on You (City Meets Country, #2)
by Mysti Parker & MJ Post

Can he crash his way into her cynical heart?

As the owner of Pie in the Sky Tours, Jaxon Wheeler loved flying tourists over the beautiful forests of Daniel Boone National Park. He’s great at his job. But at promoting his business? Not so much. To avoid bankruptcy, he needs help from a clever advertising agent.

He doesn’t expect that help to be Lena, his sister’s college friend from Brooklyn, the one who drank too much and called him…that doesn’t matter. She hates the outdoors and flying, but she’s hotter than an August day in Kentucky. How’s a city girl supposed to do anything for his business? And how’s he supposed to ignore those luscious red lips?

Lena Bosko just landed a great new advertising job, but her first client is none other than her friend’s brother, Jaxon, the guy she’d once called … well, that doesn’t matter. She can help turn his business around, but first, she’ll have to go flying with him — and she’s terrified of flying.

What could be worse – air sickness in a combination hot air balloon and death trap — or losing her heart to a country boy?

OMG.. I love this even better than Drive Me Crazy, and this revelation is making me crazy and high!

Lena Bosko is an advertising expert in Brooklyn but she doesn’t find contentment or satisfaction with the place nor with her coworkers.  She wants challenge,  adventure,  commitment and a change of scenery.  When her friend Harper asks for her help in Kentucky, she grabs it and takes her potty mouth with her.

Jaxon Wheeler flies the hot air balloon as his business. But it isn’t raking money as of late. He’s being forced to face bankruptcy in a few months if he doesn’t do anything about it. That’s where Lena’s ad expertise comes in. The only problem is, she’s afraid of heights.. And would good old fashioned internetphobic Jaxon be willing work with potty mouth and too forward Lena who doesn’t seem to stay I’m one place?

Mysti Parker and Mj Post nailed it again. This tandem always gets me rolling and laughing with their interesting characters like Lena and Harper (Jason’s sister) and the poetic Laverne. Gotta love these ladies, Lena most specially, not just because of her wit and sarcasm, but also with her sexy overtures and sensual innuendo. Of course, Jaxon is also lovable and swoon worthy, but I’m all for girl power too, if you know what I’m talking about.

I also loved the story line and how hot air balloon business was discussed. I’ve always wondered how it goes up there, how pilots steer them, how fast do balloons go and how do you get home again.. Also, there’s the info about flying helicopters and everything that flies, it was all so fascinating. Thanks MJ and Mysti for taking me up there! Loved every minute of it!

Can’t wait to get my hands on Sealed With a Kiss and know more about Harper!

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