New Release! My Father’s Best Friend by Ali Parker

It’s live. Happy Release Day, Ali Parker!

My Father’s Best Friend
by Ali Parker

Everyone seems to be in love but me. Why is that?
Relationship after relationship and nothing.
I’m always the bridesmaid, but never the bride.
It’s getting old. Fast.
And just at the moment I start to give up, he walks into my life.
Sexy, strong, older. One of my students’ father.
It’s against the rules to feel the way I do about him, but I can’t help myself.
A single father with a sexy demeanor and deep pockets.
But that’s not what gets me about him.
It’s the way he looks at me. As if he already owns me.
The relationship can be our little secret.
Or can it?

I smiled weakly, noticing the slight cleft in Mr. Marx’s chin for the first time. The muscles between my thighs tightened, and I shifted my weight, attempting to ease the ache there.

His lips twitched, but whether it was a frown or a smile hiding there, it wasn’t clear. The only thing I knew was that I was making a fool of myself.

Months without sex, telling myself I’m doing fine, and then a hot man walks into my office, and I nearly explode.
How old was he? Forty? I’d dated a couple of older men, but no one more than four years my senior. What kind of experience came with that age?

“Miss Jacobs?”
“Yes.” I smiled so hard my cheeks hurt. “So, I saw in the files that you met with the former counselor here.”

He didn’t skip a beat. “She said Raven was spoiled.”

Mr. Marx ran a thumb along his lower lip, his dark eyes asking if I dared challenge him.

“If you don’t mind me asking, why did the last counselor assume Raven was just spoiled?”

“She’s an only child. She has a nice house. I have a good job.” Mr. Marx spread his palms. “Is that enough for a teenager to turn rebellious?”

“No,” I carefully said.
“I didn’t think so either, but maybe,” He blinked, and his face relaxed, “maybe it is.”

“No,” I fiercely said.

His eyes snapped back to mine, and fire immediately ignited in my core. I swallowed hard, my mind spinning again. How could I be expected to focus with him looking at me like that?

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