Review: Tick Tock Massacre by Meg Collett

Tick Tock Massacre
by Meg Collett

In 1946, the aswang hunters of Fear University are renowned throughout our secret world of fear and monsters. But I am not one of them. With my weak heart and frail physique, I will only ever be a professor at the university, relegated to teaching students about ’swangs—creatures that can change into wolf-like creatures and use fear like magic.

When legendary hunter Dermot Kelly comes to the university to execute a secret government mission, he not only turns my small world upside down, but his unit’s presence also makes everyone at the university nervous.

I decide that a Halloween party is just what we need to decompress. To take our minds off war. To loosen up and have a little fun.

But at Fear University, Halloween 1946 will forever be known as the night of the Tick Tock Massacre.

There were so many times when Tick Tock Massacre was often mentioned all throughout the Fear University series. A lot of times, the characters spoke and dread the event that happened decades ago, which infused fear and alarm to the students and hunters residing in the university.

Now, Meg Collett finally explains everything about Tick Tock Massacre in this 70-page novella, that was equally as horrific and illuminating as the other books in the series. Aswangs had been roaming the world in centuries, and one brave Irishman and his men had taken steps on how to capture, study and experiment them. But this venture cost a lot of lives, including the Bogrovs, the founder of Fear University and his daughter Margaret. Her twin sister, Mamie survived, but the horror was forever instilled in her mind.

Mamie had always been considered the lesser of the twin sister. Where Margaret was healthy, beautiful, active and strong, Mamie was the opposite. She’d always stayed hidden in her twin’s shadow, until the legendary (almost blind) Irish hunter Dermot Kelly chose her. There’s a hint of romance and a whole lotta bloodshed in this exciting prequel to one of my favorite series ever. A highly recommended read!

This short story  and can only be found in the Fear University book set on Amazon. The books included in the series are:


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