Review: Wild Fury by Lindsay Cross


Wild Fury (FURY Security #1)
by Lindsay Cross

coffeesynopsisdShe’s been in love with the same man since she was a little girl— but that man’s been broken beyond repair.

Tomi was forced to leave Cole years ago… but even with a new boyfriend, she can’t seem to let go. Working under a new employer, she struggles to forget her old life— but the situation she’s landed herself in is worse than the one she left. Her boss is a sex trafficker, and after she discovers what he’s done, he takes her hostage to sell so she can’t turn him in.

She runs to the only one who can save her; a military man harboring both affection and hate.

A deadly lethal ex-SEAL, Cole doesn’t know how to love, only how to fight— his entire life is a war he can’t win. When Tomi comes back into his life, desperate for help and targeted by an internationally known killer, Cole won’t say no to protecting the one that got away.

Cole can’t trust Tomi, but his heart longs to dominate her… completely.

Together, Tomi and Cole team up to take down the sex trafficker and set the slaves free. But Cole longs for complete control, and his dominant behavior is too much for Tomi to handle. Yet learning to let go and ride through the pain is a steamy and thrilling experience for Tomi, nearly as thrilling as learning to dodge bullets.

Cole and Tomi are destined to be together again. But in order to survive the danger, they’ll have to fight back— hard.


Cheers to another highly anticipated release from Lindsay Cross!

Cole Fury is back in Tomi’s life after seeing her being catered as part of the menu in a sex-slave trafficking syndicate. The woman who left him without explanation while he was deployed. Now Tomi’s needing his help, but could she rely on him after everything she’s done?

Cole Fury is a man of action, dedication and sincerity, a man who deserved at least an explanation for everything that had happened to him. Tomi owed him that much, and I am pleased that she’s a woman who can fight and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty if needed. Cole and Tomi are my newest favorite couple, but I am also fascinated with the other formidable characters in the story, like Adam Wise. Plus there’s little Rafael who’s also fundamental in the novel. I don’t know how the next books will progress, but I know that the little boy is going to be instrumental in the villain’s downfall. I am sure of it, I can feel it.

Author Lindsay Cross is back with another riveting, high-octane action packed novel involving an ex-Navy Seal and the love of his life whom he thought he’d lost forever. I could never get tired of Lindsay’s military romances, every story cuts like a knife and cause pain in the gut, but also always leaves me breathless and teary-eyed. Every story gets even wilder by the minute. There’s still a lot that was left hanging at the end of the book, but I am not complaining, because I believe everything will be explained in the next books. And for sure, they are definitely worth the wait!


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