Review: Wraithsong by E.J. Squires

Wraithsong (Desirable Creatures #1)
by E.J. Squires

Ever since she can remember, Sonia has had to abide by her parents’ ridiculously unfair rules like not being allowed to date or even kiss a guy. The only reason she thinks she’s being held to these rules is when Sonia was eight, she took a sip of her friend’s drink, causing her friend to do everything Sonia asked.

As her eighteenth birthday approaches, Sonia is finally about to learn why; she’s a Huldra, a dangerous, yet seductive and magical Norse forest maiden who with just one kiss, has the ability to control humans and appropriate parts of their souls. Keeping the rules hasn’t been a problem for Sonia because she’s never really been attracted to any guy.

But when Anthony transfers to her school, every last rule flies out the window. There’s just something about Anthony that she can’t resist—the way he seems to be hiding a deep, dark secret that is connected to her, the way his mysterious blue eyes cause her heart to beat more rapidly, his athletic, god-like physique.

The closer she gets to her eighteenth birthday—the moment she matures into a fully realized Huldra—the harder it becomes to follow her parents’ rules. As graduation day approaches, Anthony starts to show interest in her, but she would never have guessed how life-changing and how dangerous Anthony’s secrets are, and how overwhelmingly intense a relationship with him could be.

This story is about Sonia who has the power to control people with the use of her Huldra flair. With just a spit, or wet kiss, or anything that involves the saliva, she can easily control people, compel them to do her bidding and succumb to her wishes. Her mom, Hedda forbids her to do such thing before she reaches 18, but when she meets Anthony, her desire for the guy intensifies, she almost becomes out of control. She tests herself by leaving him a kiss on the cheek. But the problem was, Anthony seems to deflect her flair. Was there something wrong with her?

Soon, Sonia and Anthony find themselves entangled in a world of deceit, betrayal, fantasy and reality. Furthermore, things have gotten different when she discovers about her hidden gift and the truth about herself. Sonia and Anthony come to know about themselves, about being Darkálfars and Lightálfars. Their love is tested and judged. In the end, Sonia is torn in a decision and she isn’t even sure she will be able to fulfill her destiny.

Although the story started a bit slow, Sonia being the subject of bullying at school (while controlling her temper) and having a no-kissing rule to follow, the action becomes tensed and intense when she meets Anthony, her mysterious weeding partner. Yup, it’s weeding, as in tending the school garden by removing grasses or weeds around the plants. This is Sonia’s punishment after she spits on her bully’s face. Oh what a feisty one, she really is.

Wraithsong is an exciting Norse/Viking paranormal romance set in the modern times. The story nicely captures the overwhelming mythology of Huldras from Norway. This is actually my first time to read a story about Huldras. I admit, I am not an expert in Norse myths and legends, but I really found them interesting and highly engaging. Thanks to author EJ Squires, I was able to learn more about these desirable creatures. Wraithsong seamlessly blends romance and fantasy plus mythology with decadence and taste, I practically devoured it.

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