Cover Reveal: My Bloody Valentine by EJ Louise

Robbyn Walsh has been on the run for nearly two years, doing everything she can to evade that clutches of the psychotic stalker claiming to be her Secret Admirer. The life she’s barely living is not her own. Still, she’ll always do whatever it takes to stay alive.

These five rules have become her new way of life:

1. Never stay in one place for too long.
2. Make no friends.
3. Never give out your real name.
4. Cash only; no paper trail.
5. Always be ready to run.

These are the rules she must live by. The rules that will keep her alive.

Daegon Gray knows what he wants and will not hesitate to kill for it. When he first set his sights on Robbyn, he knew deep down that she was the only one for him. But his Little Bird had a bad habit of flying away, and while his blood sang with every chase, he knew that it was time to clip her wings.

With his arsenal at the ready, he’s come to collect what belongs to him. He’ll give her a taste of the hunger inside, mold her and shape her until the only thing able to satiate her palate is the darkness he has to offer. She’ll crave him the way he’s craved her, and he’ll never lose her again. A trail of roses and blood splatter will always lead her back to him.

E.J. Louise lives in Oklahoma with her son, Jeremy. They love books and using their imaginations to create new, fun worlds.

E.J. Louise can be found with her nose in a book or her fingers clicking away
at the keyboard, as far away from reality as possible.

She also writes under the pseudonym Jessica Renee, separating her Adult works of fiction from the Young/New Adult.

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