Review: Just Whisper My Name by Anne Wentworth

Just Whisper My Name
(When Love Means Forever)
by Anne Wentworth

Seventeen year old Rachel Owens learned early on that you don’t get to have every person in your life forever. What she didn’t know was that death wasn’t the only way to be separated from someone.
Three years ago a chance meeting with a stranger delayed her from going home, saving her from the house fire that claimed both her mother and sister. Nix saved her life that fateful day, yet Rachel knew there was something disturbingly different about the stranger.

When her boyfriend Rein ends in the hospital facing a relapse with cancer, she thinks his mother Marion will be the only hurdle she’ll have to face. Wrong. Suddenly Nix is back and Rachel’s caught between two creatures—Nix the vampire and Yuri the revenant, each trying to recruit Rein into their sect.
As Rein’s condition worsens, the game heats up as the two creatures compete for Rein to join them. Rachel’s life turns up-side-down as they try to force her into persuading Rein to make the final choice.
At first, Rachel sees Nix as a monster, and when he puts his branding on her neck, she is furious. Rachel suspects his goals go beyond recruiting Rein, and as events unfold, she finds she can’t deny her attraction for the handsome vampire.

When Rachel Owens’ life was spared in a fire that killed her mother and sister, her life turned upside down. She’s moved to a foster home who didn’t really care about her except for the monthly allowances they receive from the system, her boyfriend Rein was diagnosed and suffering from brain tumor and his mother hated her with passion. But amidst it all, Rachel’s love for Rein didn’t falter, even though she didn’t readily accepted his proposal for marriage. They’re both only 17 years old with so much life ahead, until Rein succumbed to cancer.

Through this all, there were two entities who had been eyeing Rein’s condition for such a long time. Nix, a vampire was trying his best to recruit him to his sect, and Yuri, a revenant, half-corpse half undead, constantly visited him in the hospital in the hopes of persuading him to join his cult. Rachel was caught in this web of lies and deceit, and it was only a matter of time before she realized, Rein was the one person who had betrayed her the most.

It’s been a long time since I last read a story about undead humans and vampires. Maybe you noticed that most of the books I read lately were contemporary romances, mostly New Adult and erotic ones; not that I’m complaining though. I enjoy every kind of genre as much as possible, and when given the opportunity to venture on another type of story, I grab it and enjoy as much as I can.

Just Whisper My Name by Anne Wentworth is definitely a breath of fresh air. I love how this story didn’t conform with the usual vampire stories and myths that we’ve known in movies and other novels. Nix, the vampire is different from the undead I’ve encountered and loved. You wouldn’t realize what he really is because of his actions and compassion towards the main character, Rachel.

While I don’t know how to feel about Rein and Rachel’s relationship, the existence of a vampire and a revenant within their midst got me interested until the end. Some might find Nix a bit cheesy and unbelievable, but to me, he’s unconventional and fascinating, even Yuri the half corpse intrigued me.

I was just bummed when I got to the end of the story because it wasn’t finished! Rein’s fate and Rachel’s newfound life opened up another door of mysteries and lots of questions started popping up on my mind about them. I can’t wait for Anne Wentworth to write the next story in the series!

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