Review: Drive Me Crazy by Mysti Parker

Drive Me Crazy
(City Meets Country, #1)
by Mysti Parker

Broken dreams aren’t always the pits.

Luke Martelli had one thing going for him: he knew racecars. But he didn’t get his thrills behind the wheel. Drivers wanted speed and handling, and he could make that happen. He’d been hours away from working his dream job with a pit crew when a freak accident took that chance away.

Now he works a crap job as a parade float builder in Brooklyn. Then Ellison Carlisle, a rich girl from Kentucky, has the nerve to tell him to accept his fate. What does she know about pain? But damn, she’s got the curves to match her smart mouth, and that’s a mouth he’s having a hard time resisting.

For Ellie, moving to Brooklyn was supposed to be a fresh start. She’s homesick, but getting away from painful memories in Lexington is worth the change. Until she meets Luke, the hotheaded city boy who’s entirely too sexy for his attitude.

Her track record for boyfriends is 0 for 3. Is it worth the risk to try to break that big chip on Luke’s shoulder, or is he another lost cause?

Luciano “Luke” Martelli loved everything about cars, most specifically race cars. Too bad he couldn’t continue fixing and tinkering these beauties since he had a freaky accident that injured his knee. Instead, he designed and built parade floats and worked under his father. He felt so bad about his job, looked down at it as if it’s the worst job in the work, and he couldn’t wait to get away from it all.

Ellison Carlisle moved to New York with her friend Lena after she graduated from Kentucky with flying colors. She resolved to make a name of her own and stand on her own feet. A girl with zest and positive attitude, Ellie loved being in Brooklyn and party planning. She couldn’t believe her luck when she immediately landed a job and was offered another one at the city office where she’d get to work with parade floats builder, Luke. The one guy her friend had warned her to stay away from.

Luke and Ellie belonged to two different backgrounds, different family upbringing and both have distinct opposite qualities that initially got them in the wrong foot. Yes, they also ere attracted to each other but what I loved was how their relationship bloomed and grew with maturity and essence. That in itself was already a great romance factor for me. The decision that they needed to come up with wasn’t an easy choice to make, and I loved how the two of them handled it. Luke may have annoyed me at first with his foul mouth, but as the story progressed, he was so cute and lovable, he really drove me crazy! Both main characters were lucky to have found each other.

I love this premise to City Meets Country series. Mysti Parker and Post wrote a beautiful story about diversity, relationship and family that tugged at my heartstrings. Can’t wait to read High on You!

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