Review: Debt Collector by Weston Parker

Debt Collector: A Billionaire Bad Boy Novel
by Weston Parker

My world is about restoring the old and bringing it back to life.

Antiquities. Old Relics.They all have a story to tell, and my family has been helping tell those stories for generations.

It’s why we are old money.

When I catch a man trying to steal one of my prized pieces, the fury buried inside of me comes to life.

I’ll press him to the fire for everything he’s got, but he doesn’t have much.

Only a daughter.

Funny enough, I need an accountant, and she’ll do just fine.

But the first time I see her, I feel like a pawn in my own game.

I’ve not loved or lusted in a long time, but there’s something about her.

Whether I want her to or not – she’s changing my world and stealing my heart.

I’ll never give her back.

Not even when the debt is paid.

Andrew Hopper is now holding down the fort after his father died, running their family business that has made them rich, respected and recognized. While his father was kind and gentle and well-loved, Andrew is his exact opposite. He’s ruthless, unforgiving, unreasonable and most of the time, grumpy. Going to digs to explore old relics and artifacts, Andrew makes sure that he takes care of every piece they accumulated over the years. So one night, when he catches an old family friend, Rick Newmann stealing from his crates, he’s just seconds away from calling the police to report the crime. Until Rick begs to let his daughter fix his debt. Andrew doesn’t trust Newmann one bit,but he needs all the help he can get to fix his company’s finances.

Sophie loves numbers and coffee and is content being a barista and part time book keeper in the old coffeeshop downtown. She’s content with her job and happy with her best friend, but she also longs to explore the world like what her parents did. But she doesn’t have the time and not enough funds to do what she wants. When her father needs her help, she agrees to it, not knowing that she’d soon become a prisoner and a payment to a debt his father owed.

I love love love this latest book by Weston Parker. The story is a whole lotta different from Weston’s previous writings, but I liked how it still gets me shivering with anticipation. I am kinda used to his previous novels’ characters, with more rugged men, brazen wantons and hot and heavy storylines. This time, however, the atmosphere is a little tamer with the whole Beauty and the Beast meets Indiana Jones setting. But it still exudes the highly erotic vibes that Weston Parker has mastered and always delivers.

I love that Debt Collector isn’t just all about exploration of artifacts and antiques, it is also an exploration of feelings, grievances, and more specifically, the human anatomy. Yep, you read it right… Debt Collector is another Weston Parker classic that’s sure to melt your hearts and girly parts.

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