Release Blitz + Review: BLIND DEVOTION by S Nelson



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Blind Devotion ebook cover-new coverAlina Winthrop’s only focus is her career as a lawyer at her father’s firm. She has goals to one day takeover, helping countless people when the reins are passed down to her, but there’s a catch. She has to go along with everything her father wants, including marrying a man of his choosing. However, the moment she meets a cocky and intrusive stranger, all bets are off.

Maxton Colter packed up and left his life in California for an opportunity to work at the largest law firm on the East Coast. A new bachelor, he is steadfast in his goal to remain single. Until he sets eyes on a feisty blonde who suddenly has him second-guessing everything.

Will their mutual attraction have a chance to flourish or will their chemistry fizzle before either of them tempts fate?


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Alina Winthrop  was kinda involved with someone else already, and was then forced to be engaged by her father to the man she just dated for about a month. There’s nothing wrong about Chris Harris, except, he wasn’t the one she could really fall head over heels in love with. Until Maxton Colter came along, at the charity event, no less, where Alina and Chris’ engagement was announced.

Max Colter was something else. He was an enigma, openly attentive yet mysterious at the same time. No wonder women easily fell for his sultry, seductive, sensual mouth, but Alina was flabbergasted by his sexy and playful advances.  Max was intrigued by her sweet yet feisty  demeanor and  could never forget her even after knowing her social status.

Chanced meetings, working under the same roof, stolen moments… Max was getting crazy about pursuing another man’s woman.. But did Alina really belong to her fiance when her heart was beating for someone else?

I must admit, I wasn’t prepared to like Alina at first when I learned about her engagement to another man while she sets her eyes to somebody else. I am never comfortable with cheating lovers per se… But this story proved to be different and quite an emotional one. I could tell the struggles these two lovelorn characters had been through and in the end, I had nothing but respect and love for Max. He really did become a changed man. And Alina, bless her heart for all the trauma she’d been through. I loved how her father finally had seen through his ways and made peace with himself.

This had been an exhilarating read, the characters were awesome and had great chemistry, the story was emotional and S. Nelson’s writing is  impeccable,  as always. This has been my sixth book by Nelson and I can see myself reading more of hers in the near future!


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S. Nelson grew up with a love of reading and a very active imagination, never putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard until 2013. Her passion to create was overwhelming and within a few months she’d written her first novel, Stolen Fate. When she isn’t engrossed in creating one of the many stories rattling around inside her head, she loves to read and travel as much as she can. She lives in the Northeast with her husband and two dogs, enjoying the ever changing seasons.

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