ARC Review: BOLD by Jennifer Michael


by Jennifer Michael

Are you living your life to the fullest?
Do you have regrets?

Noah Mackenzie knows what abandonment feels like, but she’s the girl who dreams big. Nothing will stand in her way.Her new world is exciting, and exploring it is the adventure she’s always wished for.

How far would you go for the people you love?
Do you protect the important things in your life with all you’ve got?

Brazen Hale is all heart.
Hard work has gotten him to where he is today, and loyalty runs deep within him. He’s the perfect catch, but of course, there’s an obstacle for these two . . .

The timing for Noah and Brazen is all wrong. She’s a temptation that he must find a way to resist. Will circumstance stand in the way of love, or will these two boldly find their way into one another’s hearts?

Noah McKenzie was abandoned by her mom when she was six years old, grew up in an orphanage and lived a shelter life. Until she reached 18 and for the first time, had finally found herself outside Golden Heights home and moved to Florida and met her new roommates, basically her only friends right now – Madison and Benny. Living with them kinda  felt awkward at first, both characters had their own intrinsic and distinctive personalities, but as the days passed, they got along well.

But of course, Noah needed a job to make ends meet, and to make sure that the things on her Orbit List would be fulfilled. Luckily, the job landed on her lap immediately. Errr, actually, she wanted to land on her new boss’s lap as soon as their eyes met. Now, if only her boss could stop smoldering his eyes and flexing his muscles, maybe she could concentrate on her new job… Or not. And if only Brazen Hart wasn’t having secrets of his own. A secret that involved the one person who didn’t seem happy with Brazen’s decision of hiring Noah.. And that’s his partner, Sunday, a beautiful woman running away from a horrendous mistake.

This was heartrendingly beautiful.. I thought this was just another insta-love romance about an employee and her boss, but as I delved further, I discovered that it was so much more.. I also thought that this was just another love triangle, but I was hugely mistaken. It was much much more! Before I knew it, I was already investing a lot on the story.  Had me crying and sniffing about five times and my chest tightened after all those drama and heartaches and revelations. The characters were bold enough to face their fears, conquer tragedies and and even cried their hearts out in those trying times.

Noah, Brazen and Sunday… Actually, I shouldn’t be including Sunday in this beautiful romance, but her presence is very much detrimental and important to Noah and Brazen. Without Sunday, this story would have been crippled. So yes, I so love these characters.  Three characters who dented my heart and definitely left a mark. Three characters you need to meet and understand. Three characters who deserved to be loved. Jennifer Michael got an instant fan from me, and an instant thumbs up, too!


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