Review: Unbound – Colors of Love by Kathryn Taylor

(Colours of Love #1)
by Kathryn Taylor

Grace is young and has led a sheltered life. She hasn’t yet taken much of an interest in men. It’s only while doing an internship in London, where she meets the alluring Jonathan Huntington, that our sleeping beauty is awoken from her slumber. Jonathan is rich, incredibly attractive, and stems from British royalty – but he is a far cry from Prince Charming. He lures Grace ever deeper into his world of sinister passion, and she is sucked further and further into the maelstrom of her own growing desires. But when Jonathan demands she do the unthinkable to prove her love for him, she realizes just how dangerous her feelings for him are.

Grace was a virgin in every sense of the word. It’s her first time in London and unfortunately, her supposed residence wasn’t anywhere near existence when she realized she’d been conned.  Plus, she actually thought her new boss was at the airport to pick her up for an interview, when in reality, she was just at the right place at the wrong time. Her new boss, the tall, dark and handsome, rich, brooding and so sexy Jonathan Huntington. Little did she know that her little crush on her boss would lead her right into the unending chasm of seduction, mysteries and tangled web of sexual abyss.

This book was first compared to Fifty Shades and I must admit, that statement intrigued me, so I grabbed this book in Netgalley and trod on the unknown. Unfortunately, the book failed to capture my attention. Unbound had me unbounded.

I was maybe expecting too much from the story, given that I was looking for a hint of Anastasia teele or  Christian Grey material in the book, but it came a little lacking. Grace Lawson was like a teenage girl who couldn’t control her infatuation. I can’t blame it on her virginity because when she was with her boss, she didn’t act virginal at all. Jonathan Huntington was like a caged cobra who couldn’t control his urges. I wasn’t actually surprised when Jonathan’s deep secret was revealed. I was like, “Oh, so that’s it? I thought it was something else… Wait, so that’s the end.. this was the cliffhanger? ” I don’t usually utter those words when I read a book with cliffhangers. I usually say, “Ohmigosh, when can I read the next book, I need it this instant!” But here, hmmm. I couldn’t bring myself to look forward to the sequel. I’m so sorry, it just didn’t bode well for me.


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