Review: Jesse’s List by Mysti Parker

Jesse’s List: A Beach Pointe Romance
by Mysti Parker

Make a list, she said. It’ll be easy, she said.
Deputy Jesse Maddox’s reputation in Beach Pointe is…less than stellar. He thought following in the footsteps of his late father, a former cop, would make up for it. Not quite. Every time he closes his eyes, his past is there to haunt him.

After falling asleep on the job (again), the sheriff gives him an ultimatum. Get counseling for whatever’s keeping him awake at night or get out. Jesse would rather have a root canal, but he goes anyway, expecting a big waste of time. What he doesn’t expect is to fall in love.

Leigh Meriwether is so close to earning her counselor’s license, she can taste it. But when Deputy Maddox walks in, she second guesses her career choice. The horror stories she’s heard from her clients about him are enough to make anyone cringe. Despite her reservations, she gives him a game plan: make a list of people he’s hurt, apologize and make amends. Simple enough.

What’s not so simple? Uncovering the real man hidden within. What’s worse? Falling for her own client.

Who knew a truck with escaped pigs while the deputy on duty was sleeping could turn Jesse’s life around? Thanks to Sheriff Stanton for his intervention, Jesse Maddox had been urged to seek therapy for his sleeplessness. Soon Jesse came to know counselor Leigh Meriwhether who made him write a list of ten names he’d aggravated in the past and to seek forgiveness from all of them. This might have been the wake-up call he needed to change everyone’s thoughts about him.

What about those who were mentally tortured by his recklessness and juvenile delinquency? Doctor Leigh Meriwhether knew first hand how it was to be ridiculed by the troubled teen. Now that she’s his therapist, could she really do something about this man with bad reputation in the community?

Earlier this year, I’ve read Mann Cakes by Mysti Parker and I loved it! I thought Garrett and Tanner were the perfect book boyfriends. And then now I met Deputy Jesse Maddox and my heart skipped a hundred beats. Can’t believe this formerly naughty angsty boy turned into a soulful tender man would make me smile like a teenager in love.

A story about a troubled cop having nightmares and couldn’t sleep found himself listing the names of all the people he needed to say sorry to. I loved how Jesse took this matter seriously and agreed to seek help in order to have a peace of mind. My heart also went out to Leigh who had a mysterious past and couldn’t seem to face her future because of all the fears inside her head. I also loved that she was bi-racial, born to a white father and a black mother. When I learned about this, I actually imagined the recently engaged Megan Markle as Leigh Meriwhether. Hey, it’s just fiction, you know, and actually, that visual worked perfectly in my favor. I love Leigh as much as I love the new royal.

Anyway, nuff said about them. I just want everyone to know that Jesse’s List is a highly recommended read – it’s funny, it’s heart-warming, it’s charming, and most of all, it’s also hot and steamy. Yay!

Once again, I have no words for Mysti Parker. She’s written a wonderful story about a cop and his second chances, and a woman who deserves her own second chance at life after her lonely and sickly childhood experiences. Jesse and Leigh fit like puzzle pieces, they do well together and complement each other. I love how their story blossomed from fear to acceptance to love. This brilliant romance definitely has me smiling all night.

This interracial love story is sure to melt your heart.


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