Review: Christmas At The Graff by Kaylie Newell

Christmas at the Graff
(Holiday at the Graff #2)
by Kaylie Newell

Jemma Banks is finally ready to celebrate and enjoy the Christmas season in a way she never did as a child. But when her father breaks his pelvis, she returns home to Marietta to care for him. He is desperate to make amends with Jemma, but she is determined to leave Marietta with her heart intact, even if it means being compared to Scrooge.

Physical therapist and snowboarder EJ Corpa can’t ignore the pull when he lays eyes on his patient’s daughter for the first time. Jemma is beautiful, but guarded. Deep down, EJ knows she’s a woman who’s longing for a little fun. When she agrees to help with his clinic’s tree for the Mistletoe and Montana auction, the armor she’s so carefully constructed begins to fall away, and the magic of the holiday season takes hold.

With ice skating, hot cocoa, and Christmas tree decorating for a great cause, EJ and Jemma begin falling for each other. Will EJ begin to see that life’s adventures are more thrilling when there’s someone to share them with?

The prodigal daughter returned to Montana to take care of her failing father – the father who abandoned her and her sister when she was 15, just days before Christmas. Jemma Banks knew it was a tough choice to make, but somebody got to do it, so she went to her father’s side to help, but couldn’t offer more than that. Not love, not forgiveness, not even Christmas. Until she met her dad’s physical therapist, EJ Corpa.

A man dedicated to his patients and snowboarding, EJ wasn’t really into commitments, not after he had been abandoned by his own parents when he was born. But one look at Jemma, and his tough facade melted down. It looked like he had finally found the one who would help him up with his Christmas tree this year…

I couldn’t ask for a nicer holiday read after Christmas at the Graff. I’m back to Marietta, Montana, my second most favorite place in the (book) world, next to Hogwarts. At least in Marietta, we get to meet real nice people, always helping out others who are in need, always looking out for each other, without the flick of a wand. The Graff, the majestic hotel in Montana which I’ve come to love after reading tons of stories about it, is even more magical during the winter holidays. Jemma and Ej forged a bond in this hotel, coupled with their love for the ill patient Joe, and amusement with the resident good guy, Bob.

This story is about forgiving the one who had wronged you, while listening and understanding his reason. I love that Jemma Banks still valued her family after everything that has happened to them. I would love to know more about her sister Justine. She sounds like a very formidable woman full of angst. She needs to soften up. A great guy like EJ might just be good for her. Too bad Jemma had already laid claims on him. I approve of Ej and Jemma though. I think they make a really good pair. A match made in hell – like what Ej said.

Christmas at the Graff is a perfect read to heat up your holidays! Don’t just take my word for it.

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