Review: Dirty Little Tease by Kendall Ryan

Dirty Little Tease
(Forbidden Desires 0)
by Kendall Ryan

Don’t miss your chance to meet the intoxicating and sexy Kingsley brothers!

A lonely librarian desperate to experience the kind of passion she’s only read about in her favorite literary classics.

One handsome stranger with a tragic past.

A chance meeting that will change their course of their lives forever. . .

This is a first look at the much-anticipated Dirty Little Secret, by New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan. It is a sneak-preview, plus bonus content including a prologue not found in the book, and a special note from the author. Enjoy!

Finally got to meet the Kingsley brothers and everything was perfectly awesome, like I was in a wonderland of handsome men. Gavin, president of Forbidden Desires, an escort company he ran with his equally gorgeous brothers Quinn and Cooper, could easily quench his thirst for women, but he’d rather choose that innocent brunette from the coffee shop.. But he couldn’t.. And he shouldn’t. Or all hell would break loose.

Emma Bell was just a simple librarian getting her daily morning fix at the coffee shop. And her only desire was to meet that seemingly respectable corporate guy she kept on bumping with when she got her coffee. Little did she know that her whole world would turn upside down when she finally learned his name written on a card he left at the glass jar.

I’ve been reading Kendall Ryan’s books lately and I can’t seem to stop. Getting introduced to a group of handsome brothers like the Kingsleys really got me up and running on a cold breezy day. Ryan sure knows how to make her readers feel warm and hot and satisfied with her characters. Gavin and Emma, plus Cooper and Quinn definitely kept the fire burning with their smoldering hotness and desirable tastes. This book is every bit a tease of what’s to come and I can’t wait to devour the whole series.

You’d think you know all about dating and escorting and companionship.. But you’d think again once you get a taste of Dirty Little Tease.

Forbidden Desires series is temptingly good, I am sure this is going to be another winner from Kendall Ryan!

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