Review: A Wedding Story by Dee Tenorio

A Wedding Story
by Dee Tenorio

Ruth Anne Barbellis—unhappily nicknamed “Rhubarb” by her lifelong enemy, Bobby Wichowski—is in Wedding Hell. Why?

Her sister is marrying Bobby’s brother.

She’s trussed up in a bridesmaid dress that must have been designed originally as a Victorian Torture Chamber.

To teach them a lesson, she and Bobby have been assigned to the Kiddie Table.

And that’s only the beginning…

Short but cute story between two mortal frenemies.. Or so they thought.

Ruth Ann aka Rhubarb was stuck in a tight-fitting, torture-laden bridesmaid dress and the only way to get out of it was to ask for help, from whoelse but Bobby.

Will Bobby help Rhubarb in her predicament, or would he rather stay with the ever-inquisitive kids at the Kiddie table? Will there still be a wedding when the bridesmaid had gone missing?

This is one of the short stories that made me smile. You may think that being a short one, it should be lengthened or expanded. But not for me. I already enjoyed the quirky scenes and relentless banter between the two main characters. There were butterflies in my stomach while I was imagining their big “fight” in an uncomfortable bathroom waiting for someone to assist them.

Truth is, while I was reading A Wedding Story, I was imagining Rhubarb as Phoebe from the TV sitcom FRIENDS and Bobby is Joey Tribbiani. Oh yes, they were actually my favorites from the tv series, so I thought of these two stars as Rhubarb & Bobby, and it definitely clicked! Made the story funny and a joy to read.

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