ARC Review: Mayhem’s Warrior by Lindsay Cross

Mayhem’s Warrior
(Operation Mayhem #1)
by Lindsay Cross

Captain T.K. Reaper only cares about his men; until he ends up falling for the one woman who can rescue his team.

Reaper has lived his entire life without love. Living on the edge with no fear, Reaper and his team volunteered for Project Mayhem— a top-secret experiment that uses a serum to enhance physical abilities in order to fight terrorism. Reaper believed the experiment would help save lives, but the serum only ends up taking them. Forced to go on the run, Reaper escapes the lab with his men, only to realize that they need the serum to survive. He has only one choice; return to the lab, and steal the source of the serum.

Caroline Cotter used to be a spoiled Senator’s daughter; now, she’s a victim. Kidnapped and held against her will to make the serum used for Project Mayhem, Caroline gives up hope of ever being free again… until Reaper enters, and frees her from her dark prison.

Yet the jungle outside is full of terrors, and government officials are hot on their tail. Reaper plans to keep the relationship between him and Caroline platonic, but undeniable attraction and explosive desire, coupled with Caroline’s adoration that he saved her from certain death, make it hard to resist the love story blossoming between them.

What will Reaper choose? His romance with Caroline, or the sacred vow he’s made to the brothers willing to die by his side?

When I got this ARC from Lindsay, I know this is going to be another blockbuster hit and there’s no doubt about it.

Captain TK Reaper’s team of enhanced soldiers had just murdered a roomful of lab technicians while General Rainer and Dr. Winters looked on. Driven mad and unfeeling due to the serum injected in their bodies, Reaper soon realized the truth about the serum and Project: Mayhem, and managed to escape the clutches of the general. Only to discover that he needed to get the source that would help save his life and his team.

Caroline Cotter woke up after being drugged for as long as she remembered. For princess Caroline, she believed her father was still alive and Reaper sent him as her security detail. It was hard for Caroline to penetrate a brick wall like Reaper, as he didn’t seem to show any feelings. If only she knew the real reason behind Reaper’s Mission.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this Operation Mayhem series. A couple of months ago, I fell for Mack Grey, and now it’s Reaper’s and Caroline’s turn. I’m glad we finally got to read about Caroline and her abduction. And then there was a bit of science-fiction involved in this story, too, which was really interesting. A serum that would turn a man into a super soldier with enhanced inhuman abilities. The process of how it was created was quite far-fetched but definitely a possibility. Love how it played a major role in the lives of the main characters here.

I wish I could say more about the book, but I’d rather not proceed, because I want you to see and read it for yourself. This book deserves to be devoured. Definitely a must-read!



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