ThrowbackThursday: The Devil Who Tamed Her by Johanna Lindsey


It’s Thursday once again, the first one in July and I’m back with my newest favorite book meme, #ThrowbackThursday created by Renee of It’s Book Talk ( This is her way of sharing some of her favorite oldies but goodies books that were published more than a year ago. Check out her blog to see her TBT recommendations this week 🙂

I wasn’t able to do the whole TBT meme for the month of June as I had been knee-deep at work and at home. I scheduled mostly of my posts (promo tours, reveals, etc) and had lesser book reviews last month. This July, I hope to be more productive and engaging at the same time.

So for my #ThrowbackThursday book – it’s from one of the all-time favorite romance bestseller, Johanna Lindsey, The Devil Who Tamed Her.

The Devil Who Tamed Her (Reid Family 2)
by Johanna Lindsey

Johanna Lindsey presents a spirited Regency-era novel about the transforming power of true love.


Ophelia Reid is an incomparable beauty and a ruthless gossip. Having purposely wrecked her arranged engagement to future marquis Duncan MacTavish, Ophelia wants to return to London’s marriage mart and make her own choice of a wealthy husband. But on her journey home, something unexpected happens….The heir to a dukedom, Raphael Locke is the most sought-after young lord in England. When MacTavish claims that Ophelia will never be anything but spiteful, Rafe bets his friend otherwise. Whisking her to his country estate, Rafe shows his furious, sharp-tongued “guest” the error of her ways and discovers the surprising reasons for her bad behavior. When Rafe champions the new and improved Ophelia’s re-entry to London society, marriage proposals pour in. But has Rafe gone and fallen in love with Ophelia himself?

What will change her mischievous ways: prudence or passion?


This second book from the Reid Family series (I haven’t read the first one, silly me!) is exquisite. Ophelia is a character that you would surely love to hate and eventually hate to love. No wonder young Raphael Locke, Viscount Lynnfield, heir to a dukedom, (wow, that’s a mouthful!) is having a hard time with his feeling while taming “Her Royal Shrewdness.” Misunderstood at first, Ophelia gradually healed the wounds that she herself had inflicted before. What started as a bet might just end up with no winners at all. Sounds kinda familiar, but the feelings of butterflies in my stomach always turn me into a gushing little child.

This is a nice read, perfect bedtime story or when lounging on the sofa waiting for an appointment. I wish I have read the first book so I could very well understand why Ophelia was hated by almost everyone. For sure there’s a reason behind this. I myself wasn’t sure I’d like her in the beginning, but eventually, she warmed up to me.

As for the young Viscount, he’s always welcome to bet on me anytime. Kisses from him would be the ultimate reward. Ha!

Johanna Lindsey really knows how to tickle everyone’s imagination. A regency romance like this is always a welcome respite on a hot summer day. Looking back at those previous books written by Lindsey, I’d say this is actually tamed. But still titillating nonetheless. That’s why I always go back to her books when I feel blue.


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