Review: A Thorne in Time by Lorel Clayton

A Thorne in Time: An Eva Thorne prequel novella
by Lorel Clayton

Before Eva Thorne can accept her destiny, she must learn to accept herself. Eva leaves her family behind for boarding school (that’s a good thing when your family includes necromancers and crime lords), but the foreign city of Gernwold has its own dangers. An intruder, a teacher injured, a stolen necklace left in her room… Either someone is trying to frame her, or they know what Eva really is.

In this prequel novella to the Eva Thorne series, enjoy mystery and magic melded with technology, as you explore the Three Kingdoms and meet all the friends who will one day help Eva become the famous (or notorious) detective we know and love her to be.

Just when I thought I’d seen the best of Eva Thorne, the duo of Lorel Clayton continued to impress me with this explosive intro to The Thorne series. Eva the dyed hair Solhan heroine is enigmatic, her and her friend Karoline is formidable and Hazel the ghost simply astounded me.

I love how Eva got her first taste of action in this prequel. I thought nothing else would surprise me when it came to Eva, but with A Thorne in Time, I was in for a big surprise. This was short and fast paced and action filled, just the way I liked it. Lorel Clayton is great!

This is the prequel to the Eva Thorne series. I’ve read the first three books and really really love the series.

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2 thoughts on “Review: A Thorne in Time by Lorel Clayton

    1. This is the free novella-sized prequel, which you can get at Amazon and other places, if you want to start the series with it. There are three full-sized novels out too, which you dive into later if you enjoy this one. The fourth and “final” (maybe) in progress 🙂

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