Review: Broken English by Marita A. Hansen

Broken English (Broken Lives #1)
by Marita A. Hansen

For me, the name Dante conjured up two images. The first was the epic depictions of Hell from Dante’s Inferno, with people burning for their sins. The second image was a sexual depiction. I don’t know where it came from, but as far back as I can remember, I had always associated the name Dante with a beautiful and sexy man. I’d imagined a dark-haired, dark-eyed, gorgeous lothario, the type who could capture a woman’s heart with just one look. Dante was the Fabio of my generation, the heartthrob that got women’s hearts beating fast, made us want this man to rip our clothes off and to throw us onto the bed.

Little did I know that the Dante that walked into my life was very different from the one I’d imagined. Oh, he was dark-haired, dark-eyed, gorgeous, even a lothario … just … he wasn’t a man. Instead, he was someone who was going to send me to the Hell his namesake had written about.

And I was his teacher.

I don’t know what to feel after reading this book. While I am OK with teacher-student relationship, something that most people disagree or frown upon, I am NOT OK with husbands or wives cheating on their spouses. I am sorry but I wasn’t just feeling it even if the other party’s feelings are so strong and intense. Just No.

When I got Broken English via Netgalley, I just looked at the synopsis and thought, “hmm a teacher-student love affair, now this I gotta read.” Because, who wouldn’t like forbidden love stories, right? But as I perused the book and got to know the characters, Dante specifically, I cringe so much I thought my face would remain twisted forever. I get it, Dante was gorgeous, he may only be a boy (15 years old to be exact) but have had experienced so many hardships in life. Drugs, alcohol, sexual abuse, incest, mental illness, just to name a few. I knew where his hatred and angst were coming from. I understood him yes.

But Clara Hatton, the English teacher he’d come to admire and fantasize, was another story. She. Was. Married. She was his teacher, I had no problem with that, but she was effing married to a very understanding guy.

The ending was kind of expected, so I wasn’t that much surprised to say the least. Promising, yes, but will I read Broken Lives part 2? Well, let’s just wait and see..




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