Review: Miss Millington’s Dilemma by Vikki Vaught

Miss Millington’s Dilemma
(Lake District Brides Book 1)
by Vikki Vaught

Vikki Vaught’s newest series, Lake District Brides, begins with Miss Lizabella’s Dilemma, a historical novel of a woman’s despair in the aftermath of war. This Regency romance brings you endearing characters to love, and a moving love story of deep sensuality.

Lizabella Millington’s intended goes missing after the Battle of Waterloo. She’s afraid he may have perished on that fateful day. Her fear turns to panic when she realizes she carries his child. Her uncle discovers her shame and tosses her out, leaving her with no alternative but to seek shelter from her beloved’s eldest brother.

Marcus, Viscount Loring, grieves for his brother, who loses his life to injuries received in battle. The last thing he expects is a grieving young woman arriving on his doorstep and claiming his brother’s the father of her unborn child.

Should he believe her tragic tale and offer her succor or turn her away?

I just love regency romances and I don’t know why. Somehow, the appeal of Victorian era of the 1800s really gets me and makes me daydream about life back then. Sometimes I imagine myself wearing those petticoats and fascinator hats and riding in a carriage or a wagon. I just love those kind of feelings, you know.

Lizabella wasn’t treated properly by her baron uncle when her parents died. Gully, the housekeeper was the only one she counted on. When Michael Lawson came into her life, it was the start of something new and promising. Until she got pregnant and Michael had gone missing in the war.

And so she had sought his brother Marcus to inform him about her predicament, but Viscount Loring seemed agitated and nonplussed and not convinced about the babe inside her womb. Would Lizabella ever find the brighter future she’d been hoping for, when she discovered that her betrothed was dead?

Yes, this is Cinderella’s tale with a touch of the classic Mrs. Winterbourne (movie). When I heard about Miss Millington’s Dilemma, I knew I had to read it. I loved how this story started and ended. Lizabella (such a lovely name!) was like Cinderella who had started from rags (literally) to crawling her way (literally, too!) to a better future. This story may just be the book for those looking for a cute read during siesta. I guarantee you will finish it with a smile on your face.

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  1. Vikki Vaught-McCombie says:

    Thank you for the lovely review!


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