Review: DIVA by Alex Flinn

Title: Diva
Author: Alex Flinn

For most people, the word “diva” means brilliant, talented, over-the-top, and glamorous. I, however, seemed to be trapped in the not-very-glamorous life of a cheerleader wannabe with serious ex-boyfriend issues and a permanent yo-yo diet. At least until the day I auditioned for Miami High School of the Arts—and got in! All I had to do was convince my mother, the cosmetics salesperson with epically bad taste in clothes and men, that going downtown to hang with the music geeks was a good idea. I had to blackmail her to be able to do it, but I’m here—a diva-in-training—and I’m not so sure I can cut it. Now what?

Caitlin McCourt knew what she wanted and she intended to get it – even if her mom didn’t agree to it. Caitlin loved singing, especially the Opera and she would do everything to enter Miami High School of the Arts.

She actually used to be fat – really fat – but she went on a fat camp and shed at least 35 pounds. Then she became a pretty blond girl and eventually got a boyfriend. Too late when she realized, his boyfriend was from Hell.

Nick may have been wickedly hot, has nice car, brought flowers occasionally and even wrote poetry. But beneath that façade, Nick actually hit Caitlin, he critiqued her singing and reiterated that no one ever wanted to be friends with her except him.

Caitlin met new friends, Sean & Gigi and they were supportive of her. But her mom didn’t think she’s good enough. Her mom was a little oddball – she chose to dress like a teen-ager, way slicker and shorter than Caitlin’s clothes, much to her daughter’s dismay. Next thing she knew, her mom started dating another man, who was not only balding, but was also married to another woman. Caitlin didn’t know anymore how to deal with her life.

I admired Caitlin for her perseverance to go for that something that she aspires to be. True, a lot of girls prefer to call themselves Diva but they do not know the extent of the word. As much as possible, Caitlin, a product of broken family – doesn’t want to ask for anyone’s help if she can manage herself.

With her father refusing to give alimony or child support, and her mom trying to get hitched with every man with lots of penny, and with an ex-boyfriend who used to beat her up, Caitlin’s dream of being an opera singer is the one that burns the flame in her heart.

I also liked Sean’s character – helpful and down-to-earth, but I was surprised when I learned about his true preference. I thought Caitlin & Sean look good together, but then, I’m wrong. And her best friend Gigi, was the wind beneath her wings, however eccentric she seemed to be.

Overall, I give props to Alex Flinn for this fine work of art, venturing to something more mature than in her usual fantasy books. I am yet to read Breathing Underwater, the story of how Caitlin’s ex – Nick became angst-ridden and girl friend beater. Looking forward to reading it one day!


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