Review: Of Heads and Hearts in the Metro by Thessa Lim

Of Heads and Hearts in the Metro
by Thessa Lim

The friendship of four Filipinas is tested when Jazmine Abaya, a foundation worker in Manila struggling to make ends meet, grapples with the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy and contends with the father, who refuses to take responsibility. When rich girl Anne Tioleco, a sales executive at a multinational firm, announces to her friends that she is eloping, tensions mount; and social classes, jealousies, and regrets threaten to tear the four ladies apart.

Set in modern-day Philippines, Of Heads and Hearts in the Metro is a new adult fiction for women that reveals the life-saving element of friendship and the intricate dynamics within it.

Four girls, a baby and a wedding.. Zara, Laine, Anne and Jazmine got a lot of problems in their hands as their friendship was brought to a test. Tears flowed, words flew out of their mouths, muscles tensed and ached, and a beach full of revelers brought them all back together. Will the awesome foursome still stick in the end? Or will they finally fall apart?

The opening scene was quite a blast, imagine almost giving birth in the beach after getting kidnapped by her circle of friends. That was quite an experience, if you’ll ask me.

I super loved this book. Reminded me a lot about my gal pals and the friendship that we had been on for forever. The characters were real and endearing. Everyone of them had flaws, but that’s what made them more personal and appealing to the readers. The boys, not too much, except for Matt, which I would really love to know more about. The twist about Daniel was really a surprise, though. I didn’t see that coming!
Thessa Lim was able to capture the true beauty of having girl friends and being in a close-knit relationship. I loved that she was also able to paint my beautiful country (the Philippines) with all those exciting destinations and majestic tourist spots and culture in the book. A real must read! I enjoyed the story from start to finish… Or was it really the end? I’d be very happy if there’s gonna be another book about this girls soon!


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