Throwback Thursday: The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan


Hello friends, ladies and gents. Yes I’m back again with my newest favorite book meme, #ThrowbackThursday created by Renee of It’s Book Talk ( as her way of sharing some of her favorite oldies but goodies books that were published more than a year ago.

This week, I’m featuring one of the few Asian authors that I really admired and followed through the years. Amy Tan and her Hundred Secret Senses.


Title: The Hundred Secret Senses
Author: Amy Tan
Genre: Asian Lit, Paranormal

coffeesynopsisdAmy Tan’s latest effort unfolds a series of family secrets that questions the connection between fate, beliefs, and hopes, memory and imagination, and the natural gifts of our hundred secret senses. Years after her Chinese half-sister assails her with ghost stories set in the mysterious world of Yin, a young woman finds herself in China, looking for a wayto reconcile the ghosts of her past with the dreams of her future.

thoughts-dividerHer father dropped the bomb before he died. He admitted that he had another daughter from China and requested to bring her to America. Olivia was dumbfounded when she met learned that her half sister, Kwan, was kind of weird. Kwan was older than her but Olivia felt like she was going to be the bigger sister in the family. Sharing a room with her proved to be quite an ordeal.

How would you feel when your sister told you that she’d been seeing ghosts and had the ability to talk with the spirits. She’s got Yin Eyes, she said. And she often talked about her past life. Creepy, right? At the end of the day, one couldn’t help but accept Kwan’s differences and fall for her eccentricities.

When Olivia’s own marriage was on the rocks, Kwan made a move to help her sister out. She brought them to China and soon Olivia and Simon realized what they’d been missing in their relationship. And how they were interconnected to each other’s life.

I got this book 7 years ago from work. A colleague gifted this to me during Christmas, along with another book (Pearl Moon by Katherine Stone). I’ve always loved Amy Tan’s books, one of my favorites from her is the Joy Luck Club. With The Hundred Secret Senses, my admiration for Tan increased. She encapsulated stories of reincarnation, marriage beliefs, past lives and even Chinese cultures.

This is a story inside a story, just like Inception, and you can’t help but put yourself inside their story and get involved and drawn to the characters. I have yet to read The Bonesetter’s Daughter which had been highly praised by a lot of readers. But for now, The Hundred Secret Senses is my homage to #ThrowbackThursday featuring an Amy Tan novel.



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