Review: Break-Up Anniversary by Dawn Lanuza

Break-Up Anniversary
by Dawn Lanuza

It’s Beck’s break-up anniversary! Not that she’s been counting the days but there’s a possibility of a relapse. So what’s a girl to do? Call her best friend and tag her cubicle-mate turned drinking buddy, Jamie, along for the ride.

It’s Rebecca aka Beck’s breakup anniversary.. She’s itching to know how Nat had been doing after one year. One measly email to her ex about their favorite band breaking up should relieve her of all the questions and anxieties about them, right? Megan, Beck’s bestfriend, thought otherwise. It was time to catch other fish in the sea. There’s her cubicle-mate, Jamie, who seemed to have come out from a GQ magazine. It wouldn’t hurt to throw the fishing rod, right?

OMG! – Yup, that’s me, all giddy and mushy after reading this story!

But the truth is, I’ve never been so frustrated in my life! Frustrated, in a good way, mind you. Dawn Lanuza, this is my first book from you and you ruined me already. A short story like this already had me feeling warm and sappy and grinning like a Cheshire cat and when I got to the last page, I was stumped. How could you do this to me?

I want more of Jamie and The Steadfast and Japan! Okay, I want more of Beck, too! Gosh, does anyone know if this book is a sequel or prequel to any of Lanuza’s stories? Eeep, I couldn’t contain my excitement!


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