Review: Breaking the Rules by Ali Parker

Breaking the Rules
The Rules Series 3
by Ali Parker

Dr. Kendal Tarrington has a deep hole to dig himself out of. His current lover looked so much like his last one because they’re related. He’s going to need to break the rules if he expects his relationship with Dana to take center stage in his life. With as badly as he wants love, there shouldn’t be anything he’s not willing to do to get it.

They say everything that’s forbidden to you is really sweet. And breaking the rules is just as delicious as a treat. Professor Kendal Tarrington had been burned when he fell for his student years ago. And now, history seemed to be repeating itself, with him again falling in love, this time with the sister of the girl he once broke the rules for.

And so Kendal was once again reeling from another broken heart.

I love how this series has ended. Teacher-Student relationship has always been frowned upon. A lot of you would tell me that kind of relationship is taboo and naturally a grave situation that must be dealt with seriously. But I’d like to believe that everyone has a right to fall in love with the one that their heart desires. There are those who really deserve a chance to cultivate that kind of relationship. I was happy with this story because Kendall proved he was someone who stood by his choice and didn’t step on one’s toes. I liked that Dana proved that she was worth the wait.

And I love that feeling of mushyness and awesomeness whenever I finish a series by Ali Parker. She never fails to surprise and amuse me. She always delivers the best stories.


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