Review: The Proposal by Lily Zante


The Proposal
(A Perfect Match Series Book 1)

by Lily Zante

coffeesynopsisdNadine Stefano is a high flying career woman. She has no time for relationships and is looking for a promotion. At her sisten’s hen party Nadine comes across Ethan, one of the performers. She finds herself attracted to him and they end up talking that first night.A few weeks later, there is a company convention at Nadine’s firm. Not having a date to take with her, and wanting to present the image of a settled and happy woman in a relationship, Nadine resorts to calling Ethan at the escort agency and asking him along. Theirs is a strong attraction, although there are various company politics and characters that stand in their way.Will their meeting lead to love, despite seemingly different career choices, or will Nadine dump Ethan in order to pursue her career goals?


Lily Zante is a good writer. Time after time, she has me fallin’ in love again with the book’s male character, a hot gorgeous escort named Ethan, who danced with his skivvies in a bachelorette party.. How hot could he be? Steamy!

And Nadine, a very career-oriented woman who finally succumbed to her innermost desire one night when she and Ethan attended a party and pretended to be lovers. The Proposal got me hooked right from the beginning. It also made me realize that not everything is about work and power and money and solitude. Sometimes, or most of the time, one should learn how to stop and smell the flowers.

The ending was something a little mellow-dramatic, but still light-hearted. A great afternoon read. Hoping to read the next one in the series.



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