Review: When In Rome… Find Yourself by Lena Mae Hill


When In Rome…Find Yourself (When In Rome)
by Lena Mae Hill

Rory Hartnett has sworn off love, so boys will not be a distraction on her six-week study abroad trip to Rome. She has her plate full dealing with her anxiety in a foreign country, making new friends to explore the city with, taking classes, and applying for an internship at a travel e-zine. But when she meets the cute artist sharing her eccentric host mother’s lodging, all bets are off.

Fall in love with the first in a brand new series about four girls finding themselves—and maybe love—in the city of fountains. If you loved Anna and the French Kiss or Love & Gelato, you won’t want to miss this sweet New Adult series from new romance author Lena Mae Hill.


Where do I begin? Hmmm.. Truth to be told, I really don’t know how to start this review about my feelings towards the characters, without hurting someone else’s feelings, but I can’t help it. It took me a while to finish the book because I had struggles reading it in the first place.

I get it, Rory was somewhat sheltered in life, but at the age of 21, she still had a lot of hang ups and indecision and insecurities and behaved like a 15 year old. Okay, to be fair, I know it’s been given that her character has a serious case of anxiety and lack of self-esteem. But that’s beside the point. I really didn’t have strong connection with her.

I, as the reader, got tired of all those things she did – like thinking, assuming, doubting, hesitating, and feeling uncertain about a lot of things.. She questioned everything! Man, in the end, I got frustrated and annoyed.

Even when Rory finally settled in Rome and met Ned, her stoner friend next door, I had hoped for her to grow some balls and backbone. That one time when she got lost, I think that’s the time my heart softened for her. One major factor that I liked though was learning about her house mother Theresa, bless her heart. That tragic event that led to what she became in the end – that I perfectly understood.

Now let’s go to Ned, the artist and the mystery guy. Well, I like him, he’s normal in his own special ways. He’s easy to get along with and he’s really nice. But him together with Rory, I didn’t feel it. I meant the sparks. I got nothing. I just didn’t get that usual “kilig” factor I usually feel.

Lastly, the story took place mostly in Rome Italy. I had expected the story to feature more scenic spots and Italian settings. Sadly, I didn’t get much of this wonderful city in the story.

Anyway, I know that I should have been more understanding about Rory and her anxiety attacks. I know how this kind of sickness make that person helpless and powerless. If ever I offend anyone with my concerns regarding anxiety issues, I apologize. I guess this book just didn’t work out for me.




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