Review: The Art of Kissing a Greek Billioniare by Marian Tee


The Art of Kissing a Greek Billionaire
(Greek Billionaire #6)
by Marian Tee

It’s not always happy-ever-after when you marry a Greek billionaire.
24-year-old Mairi was once an old-fashioned hopeless romantic, a schoolteacher who flew all the way to Greece in hopes of finding her own Greek billionaire to fall in love with.

She found it in Damen Leventis, a handsome billionaire who was alpha to the core. He was everything she had dreamed of…except for the fact that he didn’t even know what love was. A lot of tears had to be shed, a lot of heartache had to be felt, before the billionaire finally realized love was what he felt for her.

Now that they’re married and with a baby in tow, Mairi thought it’s all happily ever after until…that boy. And…that kiss.


So this has been my second Marian Tee book for this month and I’m getting addicted! It seems that Ms. Tee has that certain power over me, which drew me to her characters and story.

Damen is unreal, I don’t know what to make of him, but one thing I am sure of, he’s definitely a dreamboat. Mairi, on the other hand, still mystifies me. Like I have this unfinished business with her that I have to solve and conquer. Ultimately, she’s one damn lucky girl.

Would be reading more of Tee’s books soon!


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