Review: Play With Me by Marian Tee


Play with Me

Series: Play with Me #1
Author: Marian Tee
Genre: Sports Romance
Kindle Edition, 101 pages

coffeesynopsisd19-year-old Lace Wyndham only loves three things in the world: Nike shoes, basketball, and Nike basketball shoes.
25-year-old bad boy billionaire Silver March only wants Lace in three ways: under him, on top of him, and him inside of her.
It’s not exactly a match made in heaven, but since he already had his heart stolen, Silver knows he has to play the game. Seduce her, bribe her, manipulate her – he’s willing to do whatever it takes until his stubborn little kitty surrenders to the inevitable.
It’s his name she’ll be crying out…every night.


Silver March is a sought-after billionaire playboy who finally found his match. Lace Wyndham. A tomboyish basketball coach who loved the sports and the shoes that go with it. Nike basketball shoes, that is. When she met Silver, she never knew she’d be soon getting her first kiss. Suddenly, it wasn’t about kisses anymore.

This is my first Marian Tee book and it surprised me. Didn’t realize this was quite a titillating read! There were a lot of heavy, gritty, erotic scenes, one would want to cover their eyes while reading the story.

I think what made this memorable to me is the main characters’ fascination with shoes. Not those lacy stilettos or high heeled shoes – but rubber shoes. I myself have quite a collection of them (Chuck Taylors) and I don’t think I’ll ever be prepared to part with them. So this book got a cute storyline that I loved. The romance between Silver and Lace was palpable and exciting. Even the basketball players that surround them were likable.

Titillating scenes aside, I found the story stirring and romantic and sigh inducing. Never a dull moment at all. Here’s hoping to read more about Lace and Silver on the next book!



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