Review: Stripped by Nikki Chase

by Nikki Chase

coffeesynopsisdI broke my own rules for him.
For one mind-blowing, toe-curling night.
Now he’s back, and he wants all of me.
He wants to know all my deep, dirty secrets.
He won’t stop until he’s stripped me bare.

I never thought I’d see him again, especially not in this sleepy little town. He’s not a SEAL anymore, but otherwise he’s just as tall, dark, and dominating as I remember.

I can see the hunger in his eyes. It makes me want to surrender, to submit to his desires. I want his hard, sculpted body pinning me down, claiming me as his property.

Then, he moves in next door.

Perfect, right?

Except I need to stay away from him. He’s completely, non-negotiably off-limits, even if he says he wants to protect me, even if I crave his intoxicating touch.

He’s not supposed to be here. There shouldn’t be any trace of my old life left.

Usually whenever I see books with “Bad Boy Romance” in the title, most of the time I get disappointed after reading them because the main character doesn’t live up to its name. But when I read Stripped by Nikki Chase, I told myself, “finally!” a real bad boy that I’m gonna hate to love and love to hate. Yes, Navy Seal Jacob is as bad to the bone as he gets and more!

Jacob met Scarlett three years ago in a strip club and had one night stand. Somehow, of all the ladies he’s been with, only Scarlett left a mark in his mind but he was aggravated when Scarlet just took off and never showed again.

Three years later, Jessica Lake had found new beginning and new life in a quaint and quiet little town of Ashbourne. Nobody knew about her name Scarlet nor her stripping days, except her bestfriend Tony. She couldn’t take the chance of revealing about her past, because for sure it would come back haunting her, not after what happened that one tragic night, involving her friend Nancy Jones.

This book had been all sorts of action, suspense, mystery and bits of comedy rolled into one. I liked how the characters geld and blend with each other, I liked the spark between Jacob and Jessica, I liked their stupid fights and un-neighborly interaction. I liked how bad boy Jacob could be, whether in bed or on his Harley Davidson. And I liked how the mystery unfolded in the end, very shocking and surprising, because the culprit would never be the one you guessed. Nikki Chase kept me up with Stripped and that’s a good thing in my book.


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