Review: Christmas, Corpses and Clockwork Kittens by LA Nisula


Christmas, Corpses, and Clockwork Kittens
by LA Nisula

A short Christmas mystery set in the world of the Cassie Pengear Mysteries. While preparing their tinkering/ haberdashery shop for the Christmas season, Kate and Ada find a body on their doorstep. When Inspector Wainwright is sent to investigate, they start looking into the crime themselves before he can scare away all of their Christmas patrons.


Ada and Kate found a body at their gift shop’s doorstep and soon the two galloped to the back door and began their own investigation. Lady luck must had been on their side because they easily caught the gossip in the neighborhood. But did the gossip have any bearing to the corpse they had found?

I thought this was hilariously awesome, and I loved it even though it’s only a few pages. I loved how it’s already packed with intrigue and mysteries at a very short span of time. Kate and Ada’s tandem is a little amateurish, compared to Cassie Pangear (Killing at the Carnival book) but they proved to be really quite handy and ready to bring down the bad guys. Love love love this novella, Father Christmas and kittens included!



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