Review: Hot Mess (Tragic Love) by Madeline Rosenberg


Hot Mess (Tragic Love #1)
by Madeline A. Rosenberg

Anna McCormick seems like a cliché from her basic coffee orders to her relentless drama; however she is more than meets the eye. Join the journey of Anna and Trevor Sullivan through the laughs, tears and heartbreak. Meet the Clairetown crew – each character is more interesting than the next!
Warning: you may not be able to put this book down!

Anna McCormick is every girl after a break up- she is vulnerable and seeks attention in the wrong places. She is easy to love and hate at the same time. Trevor Sullivan is almost too good to be true. He seems like he is perfect on the surface, but there is much more to him than meets the eye. Benji Shaw is the “perfect” boy next door. He has a bit of a hero complex and wants to fix everyone’s problems. Tanya Rosen is the quintessential popular girl- everyone thinks she has so much confidence but really she is just as insecure as the next girl.


Meet the awesome foursome from Clairetown. Anna McCormick got issues about her social media status (she’s on the phone every minute checking her messages!) and had boys who adored her, but she still didn’t trust her own judgment. Boyfriend material Trevor Sullivan might had been the guy for her but turned out, there was something else she wasn’t aware about him. Benji Shaw was the the one guy every girl wanted to make out with while Tanya Rosen was the insecure ex. Each had issues on his own, and each had issues with the other.

I thought this book was good, given that the characters somehow represent the youth of today – aggressive, insecure, impetuous, passionate, go-getter. Anna was the type of girl who fished for compliments, who wanted people to like her, who was always on her Facebook and social media accounts because that’s where she found comfort and solidity. She was in a relationship with Trevor and had some falling out, and somehow she couldn’t get a grip on her life when it came to breakups. Tanya, on the other hand, was everything Anna despised, and vice versa. The boys Trevor and Benji were more pleasing and lovable, in my opinion, because they got the personalities you wouldn’t expect to love. Together they got the dynamics that can ignite and explode into something dramatic and feral.

Just like the title of the book, the characters here are all a hot mess. I seriously couldn’t stand them, except for Trevor who got the tragic part of the story. But Anna McCormick? Wow! I don’t know if I’m going to pity her or not. While it’s true that she’s got a lot of issues going on with her life, she’s got that attention-seeking attitude that I really wasn’t happy about. I don’t know how to feel about the ending though.. I thought there was still something missing or lacking, something that Anna should have gone through, or something that she and Tanya had realized after the tragedy they experienced.

So far, given this mad feeling I got towards Anna and Tanya and this heart-wrenching feeling for Trevor and Benji, I can say that they really got me worked up. So did I like the book? Yes.. Was it a hot mess? Totally!




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