Review: Haley’s Hangdog Holiday by Tamie Dearen


Haley’s Hangdog Holiday (Holiday, Inc. Book 2)
by Tamie Dearen

This Christmas, Haley Martin may be harder to catch than her runaway dog.
Haley has a chance at her dream job working for Holiday, Inc. Thereโ€™s only one drawback. Her ex-boyfriend, Gavin Holiday is her supervisor.

Seeing Gavin again makes her heart pound and her soul ache, yet Haley knows he deserves someone better. And her secret crisis of faith is only one of the reasons.

Add one very recalcitrant Basset Hound to all her other problems, and it looks like Haley is going to have a real hangdog holiday.


Haley and Gavin were the perfect couple. They’re both at the top of their class and we’re competitive and passionate about their love. But when Gavin was about to ask her to marry her, she turned him down.

Two years had passed and their paths had met again. But both seemed to hate each other’s guts and didn’t want to work together ever again. Would they ever settle their differences now that they had to work with each other in the same team?

I loved this heart warming story about love and faith. Gavin and Haley’s story tugged strings to my heart. They showed what it was like to be in control of one’s fate, how to decide for a possible future and how not to lose hope when all the rain clouds seem to fall on you. That God has plans for us and works in mysterious ways, for us to learn how to trust in Him again. Seeing Gavin’s and Haley’s unwavering faith brought a smile to my heart. Another beautiful story from the ever compassionate, Tamie Dearen. Thumbs up!!

In the spirit of Hallmark Movies, this inspirational romantic comedy tells the story of two young believers, struggling to find faith and love in the midst of adversity.




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