Review: Sex-Ed: Chemistry | Advanced Chemistry by Katie Lewis

sec101Sex-Ed: Chemistry 101:
First Times are Rarely This Good
by Katie Lewis

Piper Jones knows what she wants from a lover. Nathan Chambers, with his horn-rimmed glasses, lean runner’s body, and Chemistry textbook, is nothing like the jocks she usually chooses. But from the first moment she sees him, she knows that Nathan will be the perfect student in her one-on-one sex-ed.

First-Year College student Nathan Chambers is on a mission to punch in his V-Card, but ever since high school, hot girls only seem interested in using him for tutoring. He’s afraid it’s happening again, but little does he know that bombshell Piper Jones has an entirely different sort of Chemistry lesson on her mind.

This kind of tutorial is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Piper needs a man in her life, someone who likes her and not just throw her to the wolves once they learn the truth about her. A nagging truth that drives her crazy. So she goes out to venture and look for the one who could satisfy her craving..

Then she meets Nate. Nate needs someone who can please him and make him realize the kind of man he is – although he’s quite a virgin in the sexual scene. When these two meet, there’s sparks and explosions galore. This was a fast read, very hot and steamy and also very intriguing. Piper surprised me with her prowess and energy and the secret she’d been hiding. Boy, what a ride!

sec102Sex-Ed: Advanced Chemistry:
Practice Makes Perfect
by Katie Lewis

Friends with benefits, Piper Jones and Nate Chambers, have been trading Chemistry lessons for Sex-ed classes for two weeks; but it’s turning into something more. Nate isn’t just a good lay; he makes Piper feel things she’s never felt before. They are both scared of falling in love. Nate has never had a girlfriend, and Piper is hiding a dark, family secret. Things heat up when Piper impulsively goes home with Nate for Thanksgiving and explode when she gets a phone call from home.


O.M.G….. This is extremely hot, hot, hot than the first book, in my honest opinion. Imagine a clandestine affair happening at your parents’ home, secretly meeting in the bathroom or bedroom, careful not to get caught by both the parentals. Piper and Nate are like energizer bunnies, I can hardly keep up with them.

And then there’s the truth about Piper’s illness. O.M.G.. I wasn’t expecting that about her mother, too! And Nate, poor loving Nate.. You can’t help but adore this hottie in the nerd glasses. Seriously, he’s such a nice person Piper’s lucky to have found him.

Gotta ready myself for the third book. For sure, it’s gonna be another hot story!



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