Review: Cameron’s Shocking Christmas Revelation by Vikki McCombie


Cameron’s Shocking Christmas Revelation
(Christmas Surprises Book 2)
by Vikki McCombie

coffeesynopsisdTen years before, Cameron broke up with Emilee, so she could pursue her dreams–or so he thought. He gets the shock of his life when he runs into her and a nine-year-old son he never knew existed.
Emilee allowed her foolish young girl’s heart to rule her decisions ten years ago. Now she’s faced with an angry and determined Cameron, the man she never forgot. Now they must come to an understanding for their son’s sake. Is it possible to forgive past hurts and rediscover the love they once shared?


Cameron has returned to his hometown to be with his mom who was recently diagnosed with cancer. What he didn’t expect was to see a ghost from his past. Yes, it seemed like he’d really seen a ghost when he came face to face with his 9 year old self. And the woman he left a long long time ago.

Emilee couldn’t believe what she saw. Ten years after having her heart torn and broken, the spitting image of her son is back. And she didn’t like the way he was intruding in their lives.

Cheers to another heart melting story about love, family, acceptance and forgiveness. Emilee and Cameron had discovered that God really works in mysterious ways. That all things are possible and have answers when you talk to him and pray. I really felt good while reading Cameron’s Shocking Christmas Revelation. About four times into the book, I had tears in my eyes. Emilee’s faith was restored while Cameron had matured over the years. Their little bundle of joy, Josh was a revelation. He pinched my heart with his innocence and childish thoughts. And Grams Lynda, bless her, I would love to have a grandma like her. (And I was glad to see Veronica and Jefferson again!)

Overall, this story was delightfully endearing and charming. There’s a lot of lessons to be learned in this book; lessons that would help parents realize more about their children; lessons about taking chances and believing in God’s perfect timing. A great book to read as we welcome the new year!




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