Review: A Christmas Miracle for Veronica by Vikki McCombie

acm4vA Christmas Miracle for Veronica
by Vikki McCombie

coffeesynopsisdIt’s a matter of days before Christmas and Jefferson Ramsey has a dilemma on his hands. He’s just found out he’s the father of five-year-old, Sarah. Her mother has died, and there’s no family to raise her. Determined to do the right thing, Jefferson turns to Veronica Harrison, the one woman he believes would be willing to help him.
Recently divorced and lonely, Veronica is definitely not in the holiday mood—until she gets a call from the man in her life, Jefferson. He wants to discuss something important with her, and even though it’s close to Christmas, Veronica eagerly agrees. The last thing she expects—is a marriage proposal and a child to go along with it. Will their sudden alliance be enough to create a family not only for Sarah, but for them as well?

thoughts-dividerVeronica has long wanted to have a child of her own, but after a disastrous marriage, she can’t bring herself to trust another man in her life. Until she met Jefferson Ramsey.

A surprise call from his past brought out confusion and dilemma to Jefferson’s already reformed life. When he learned that he’s got a daughter with an ex-fiance, he didn’t how to deal with it. What would Veronica say?

This has been an incredibly heart warming read. Although this was a little short and fast paced, I liked the positive attitude of the main characters and the good vibes emanating from the story. I loved that it was imbued with Christianity, with the characters solemnly praying to God about their problems and thanks and unwavering faith. Overall it was a feel good read and a whole lot of loving. Definitely great for Christmas!





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