Review: Heart of Glass by Eryn Haes

hg-erynhaesHeart of Glass (Glass Trilogy #1)
by Eryn Haes

coffeesynopsisdAlexandra Burke hasn’t been the same since she suffered unimaginable trauma at the hands of the man she was in love with. He played her, destroyed her… so much so she can’t even make out with a guy without having a panic attack.

Her life is in turmoil, even her work has suffered, and partying and lack of self-esteem has become her new normal.

When the risk of being fired becomes a reality, Alex comes to terms with the fact that she needs professional help in the form of therapy. But the last thing she expected was to end up on the confessional couch of the mysterious Dr. Oliver Glass.

Despite her better judgment, Alex can’t seem to stay away from the sex-on-a-stick doctor, especially now that he has recommended an unusual treatment to help her get over her trauma.

Sure, the coldness she often sees in his eyes seriously bothers her. And, yes, Dr. Glass is intimidatingly hot, not to mention that she fears falling for another man who may end up breaking her heart again. But Alex is on a mission! She has to get over her fears of intimacy in order to embark on a romance with her new boyfriend, the sweet and loving Joshua Fowler.

Alex’s treatment leads her down a rabbit hole, and she embarks in a journey of intense pleasure with the enigmatic Dr. Glass, whose body seems to have been sculpted by the gods!

The lines between therapist and patient become even more blurred when Alexandra’s world is turned upside down and her safety is at risk, as she realizes that her “perfect” new boyfriend is not so perfect after all.


Alexandra Burke got some major issues when it comes to sex and men. She had been hurt and was left broken and wary after her last disturbing relationship with Mark. She couldn’t help but get panic attacks at the mere thought of getting kissed. And now there’s a new guy who was interested with her but she couldn’t start anything with him unless she overcome her fears. So she thought of consulting a therapist to help her understand her situation. What she found instead was a pair of dark mesmerizing eyes, the physique of a Greek god that had her heart pounding like a mallet. Dr. Oliver Glass, gorgeous, shrewd, delectable, annoying and hot, hot, hot.


But what I found more intriguing was Oliver’s method of therapy, the kind that would leave a woman gasping for breath, with mouth agape and eyes fluttering in state of delirium. Uh huh..

I love how everything fell into place with the mystery surrounding Alexandra’s panic attacks, her ex-boyfriends’ terrifying takes on relationships. My heart cried and ached for her. But the mystery about Dr. Oliver Glass? O.M.G. I can’t wait to find out more! (I’ll be happy to get in line just to be able to set an appointment with this doctor, despite the issues following him!)

Heart of Glass is a highly-anticipated intense story that bravely talks about obsession, extreme anxieties, stalking tendencies, lack of self-esteem and violent relationships… and yes, murder! Plus that major cliffhanger!? OMG. This book left me stunned and dazed. Eryn Haes is capable of leaving me breathless with her stories and I love it! Oh what a ride that was, and I intend to stay on that rollercoaster ride until Dr. Glass decides to slow down.




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