Review: Big Bad Royal by Tia Siren


Big Bad Royal: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance
by Tia Siren

Does one royally hot night count as happily ever after?

coffeesynopsisdREBECCA MONROE:
Who the hell does this guy think he is? He stumbles into my bar in the middle of a snowstorm and tells me he’s going to kidnap me, knock me up, and then take me back to his country to be his queen. Seriously?

But if he really is who he says he is, then I’m in trouble.

Billionaire prince? Check.
Ruthless playboy? Check.
Muscles and an obviously huge package in his pants? Check.

There is no way in hell he’ll get me to be his princess. Not even for one night.

Because if he does, then happily ever after will be over before it even began.

When my father, the king of Kosnovia, told me I must kidnap and marry an American girl to save his crown, I told him he was insane.

But time’s running out, and here I am stranded in a blizzard in upstate New York, and the only decent woman around is standing behind the bar.

A barmaid? I’m a freakin’ prince. I date actresses and supermodels, if you can call that dating.

But little Miss Can-I-Get-You-a-Drink makes the big prince in my pants want to come out and play.

So I’ll turn on the charm and make the barmaid my queen.

Just for one long, hot, royal night…


King Rostov of Kosnovia kidnapped his woman and made her his wife and Queen during the early days. Now, this small monarchy in Russia was on the verge of falling and it’s up to Crown Prince Nikolay to find a wife and bear an heir in order to save them and keep their reign.

Rebecca Becca Boo Monroe had taken control of her father’s bar after he died and she knew she’s stuck in this small hillbilly town. Then a ruggedly handsome Russian bombarded her bar during a snowstorm and pretended his car won’t start. The next thing she knew, Becca found herself locked in the stranger’s embrace and supple lips and was about to be kidnapped by a crowned prince.

Big Bad Royal is a hot and steamy read. You’d better wear gloves while reading this because the heat was so intense and crackling, you might end up having dark and jarred hands. It’s quite a short story, but definitely full of bedroom action. Did Nick and Becca end up? How did the prince become a billionaire? You need to read this to find out!




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