Review: How Santa Changed by Karl Steam


How Santa Changed

by Karl Steam (Author)
Maksym Stasiuk (Illustrator)

Think you know Santa? Think again. Discover what Santa was like when he was young and the events that helped him become the jolly man we like so much.

How Santa Changed is a story that explains many of the familiar things we associate with Santa Claus. Why does Santa use reindeer to pull his sleigh? Why does he have elves help him make toys? Why does he have a white beard? Why does he walk with jolly and cheer?

Mrs. Claus is not left out either. If readers pay close attention, they will discover some of the strategies that helped her to become the most famous baker in history.

This book contains timeless lessons for both children and adults alike, but not in an annoying way. It’s a story that loved ones will want to read year after year.

thoughts-dividerWe just finished reading this wonderful story about Santa and how he came to be the jolly man we’ve grown to love and wait for ever Christmas. My kids love reading and listening to holiday stories so I let my eldest read this book to his brothers, and they were actually mesmerized by the beautiful illustrations within! Crisp and magical and lovely images of Santa, Mrs. Claus and the gifts and reindeer and children all over the world!

We also learned why Santa’s sleigh was pulled by reindeer, how his hair grew white, how the elves became his helpers and how he got his big fat belly. Ho ho ho!

How Santa Changed was a great read. My kids have realized the value of generosity and helpfulness in every way. That there are times when we can’t do things the way we planned them. That there are times when we need to rely on others to finish what we started.

My kids love this new story; they told me they haven’t read a tale like this. We also liked that it was told in a rhyming way. How Santa Changed is a great addition to our growing holiday favorites!




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