Magical Stories: A Collection of Short Stories for Children by Piaras O Cionnaoith


Magical Stories

A Collection of Short Stories for Children Aged 3-10
by Piaras O Cionnaoith

A child’s imagination is something that seems to fade away as we age, but this book will keep that fire alive! You and your children will enjoy exploring the depths of pure imagination, fun, and excitement by reading this book. Not only will you enjoy these aspects, but you will also enjoy a priceless bonding experience, as your minds run wild from the stories that are told in this collection! 

thoughts-dividerFor about a week, I read the enchanting stories in this book to my kids, one magical story at a time. We got to meet big and small dragons, fanciful and playful fairies, puppets, dotted and striped tigers, an elf with twelve brothers, beautiful mermaids, a leprechaun, trolls and wise wizard.

Each of the stories not only entertained us, the tales also taught my kids life lessons like the feeling of belonging, accepting one’s flaws, proving one’s worth, equality and fulfilling promises in order to find happiness, love and affection. Each of the stories are magical and original and will definitely entrance your child. A must read bedtime book for all ages!




Píaras Ó Cíonnaoíth is a poet and author who writes books for both children and adults. His positive and creative thinking, and his belief in the human spirit, make his books for children pleasant, interesting and exciting.

His books for teenagers and adults gives way to more serious thought on issues such as gender identity, counseling and emotional healing.

Píaras has a wide formal and informal education, including a Higher Diploma in General Counseling Skills, suicide prevention training, and over a half a century of what life has thrown at him. He lives in Southern Ireland with his son David and dog Max.

From Píaras: “Creating and writing children’s stories and poems has given me many hours of relaxation and joy, and I hope that reading them will do the same for you.”


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