Back-to-Back Review: Little Girl Lost | Becoming the Alpha by Jessica Renee

lglLittle Girl Lost
(The Children of the Moon, #.5)
by Jessica Renee

Nena was only nine when her Mom died. It’s now up to her to take care of her younger sister, Rylie, and their Dad. After two years, eleven year old Nena, while still learning the ropes, has fallen into a pretty normal routine: take care of Rylie, chores, school, and don’t ask Dad about the woods. But one night, none of that matters anymore. Terror rips through everything Nena loves and leaves her world in shreds. She must learn to keep a secret she never knew she had. That is her only chance at survival. But is this truth even worth surviving?

thoughts-dividerAt the tender age of 9, Nena took the responsibility of taking care of her younger sister and their father when their mom died in a car accident. She did everything she could and was doing a damn good job with it.. Except that one time when her anger turned to rage, her temper got out of hand, her own emotional outbursts exploded like a volcano. It was only a matter of time before she realized what she’d done and would forever blame herself. Such a tragic turmoil a child had to bear.

This short story is a prequel to Jessica Renee’s Children of the Moon series and I am already liking it. The readers are introduced to Nena and her unexpected ability to shift into a creature of the moon. This little girl lost is now on her journey to finding out the truth about her and I’m already excited! I am definitely on the lookout for the first book in the series, Born Of The Moon!


Becoming the Alpha

(The Children of the Moon #0.2
by Jessica Renee

Logan hadnโ€™t planned on becoming an alpha at sixteen, but being the sole living member of his pack meant that that is precisely what he was.

Loganโ€™s dad had been the reigning alpha of the Ash Mountain clan for nearly thirty years when tragedy struck their small community. Evil had ripped away everything Logan knew, leaving him alone in this world.

Determined to avenge his family and make his father proud, Logan takes on the role of Alpha. But will the weight of this new responsibility be too much for young Logan to handle on his own?

thoughts-dividerThe Calling ceremony was abut to happen and Logan’s brother Chris was supposed to be the next Alpha. A little run to the woods was all Logan needed to relax his mind. But when he came back, everything was never the same ever gain.

Becoming the Alpha is another novella that introduced us to Logan, a Shifter and one of the Children of The Moon. A tragedy befell his pack and it was up to him now to fight for his survival.

This was quite a short story and it promises an exciting new adventure for Logan and the other Shifters. Like the other novella, Little Girl Lost, this short introductory tale was also enchanting and intriguing. I can’t wait to see what Jessica Renee has to offer with her newest YA Paranormal, Born of the Moon.




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