Review: The Heir by Elizabetta Holcomb

heirehThe Heir
by Elizabetta Holcomb


The Marquis of Hastings
Solomon Tremaine is heir to all that comes with Dover’s Castle–Dukedom, lands, and an Amalgam of hosts and ancient warriors with capabilities of time travel. However, being plagued with a range of learning disabilities, his life is anything but charmed. He feels like a burden on his family, when a simple girl makes him an offer he cannot refuse…

The Country Girl
Shelby Hollier’s is busy with building a college portfolio that will guarantee her way out of the small town of Lake Arthur, Louisiana. After meeting Solomon, she becomes obsessed with getting to know a boy who is more mystery than man. Seeing him as the key to an adventure of a lifetime, she has no idea the secrets he keeps when she is swept into a life of hosts and wormholes. It was more than she bargained for…

Their Pact
Solomon discovers that his desire is to make her more than just a tutor. But, can a plain, ordinary country girl keep the heart of a man titled to rule? And can he keep her safe from the enemies of Dover’s Amalgam who seek to terminate his very life?


In order to get the man she had been obsessing about, Shelby Hollier had done unimaginable and unladylike things. Like stealing Solomon Tremaine’s wallet and stalking his home and trespassing his property. Before she knew it, she was sucked into a wormhole and into a world she never imagined still existed. In the 1300s.

Solomon Tremaine was such a darling… (well, compared to his other siblings, that is). Shelby was a brave heroine, one who stood on her own and got a good head on her shoulders. Together, they are ruthless and hot and fiery. A perfect match! ( I love their Shelby time, TBH).

It was fascinating to see the modern world people collide with the honorable men and women of the past, to see brothers eating Twinkies and Oreos in the 13th century. Oh yes, this is not your typical time-traveling genre. There was more to The Heir than meets the eye.  The characters were an interesting bunch of personalities, the languages they spoke of range from modern English, to Medieval England, to having a heavy Cockney accent. That alone pumped me up. Abigail, as per usual, was a delight among the family, Jeremy was still the most sensible among the brood, (in my opinion), and Jareth, the King who was always furious with his sons (well, sort of).

Elizabetta Holcomb did an excellent job in keeping the reader interested until at the last page of the book. I might have been a little confused once or twice due to the time-travelling stuffs at the beginning, but eventually, I was able to catch up and stay entranced with the Tremaine’s in the Dover’s Castle.

I would love to tell more about the story, but I don’t want any more spoilers, because this is a book that must be devoured in order to fill a reader’s hunger. Book 3 of the Chronicles of Dover’s Amalgam is just what I need after a stressful holiday weekend.

Word of advice to the royals, though: “Thou shall not twerk in Windsor Castle.” LOL!

Evidently, this has been another great historical time traveling, so fascinating an enchanting high fantasy romance by Holcomb and I’m certainly looking forward to the other character’s stories. Peter sure did intrigue me a lot!





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