Review: The Cyber Spying Glass by A.M. Marcus

tcsgThe Cyber Spying Glass
by A. M. Marcus (Author), Elisa Bindi (Illustrator)

This Christmas, join Eric and his sister, Kelly, as they take on the roles of detectives while embarking through the exciting world of the Internet. Along the way, they will be introduced to the crazy world of chatrooms and uncover some compelling secrets about the people who use it. So grab your detective hat and your trusty magnifying glass and join the duo in this festive yet eye-opening adventure.

thoughts-dividerIt’s Christmas and Eric was excited to receive his gifts from his parents. He was kind of expecting toys again this year, but lo and behold! He was surprised to get a brand new tablet under the Christmas tree! He then asked his older sister Kelly to help him with his new gadget, but Kelly got something else up in her sleeves.

Instead of just teaching him how to use it, Kelly got Eric a spy kit (a detective hat and magnifying glass) and together they investigated what really went in and out of the internet, through chat rooms and social media.

This book has moved me. I hate to admit it, but when I bought mini-tablets for my kids, I didn’t tell them about the dos and donts of Internet. For all I knew, they were already familiar with the sites they occasionally accessed. A few months later, I heard news about kidnapping in some places because unguided children gave out personal info to the world wide web. I was astounded by this realization so I soon put parental controls on their browser.

This book is really informative and important for parents to read too. It tells us to be more observant and vigilant with tablets and other forms of gadgets that can connect to the Internet to protect our kids from harm. I am thankful to A. M. Marcus because his books not only aims to entertain kids and adults alike, he also wants us to learn something from the stories. Truly this has been a perfect and meaningful Christmas gift for all of us!




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