Review: Deadly Love by Wesley Robert Lowe


DEADLY LOVE – A Chinatown Haunting
by Wesley Robert Lowe

I’m Jasmine Huang, an actress from Beijing. Five years ago, I was murdered while rehearsing for an audition. Everyone thinks it was my ex who killed me, but I’m not positive it was Chris… or maybe I just don’t want to accept it. But I just have to know the truth… even if it kills me again.


I am blown away by this chillingly haunting story about an aspiring Chinese actress, her overzealous pianist boyfriend and her cunning ambitious father. Deadly Love features Jonathan aka Liang who followed her father’s footsteps and dreamed of making it big in the theater as a director but ended up broke, disillusioned and dead. His daughter Jasmine Huang also suffered tragically but surprisingly, she still had her life after murder, after death, after pregnancy! Unbelievable, yes, but in the netherworld, it is possible!

She died after a believable fight with her boyfriend Chris Mathers during their theater rehearsal. The different paths that Chris had undertook to escape Jasmine’s ghost and to prove his innocence was no easy feat. Everyone believed he killed Jasmine, everywhere he went, he saw Jasmine, every person he encountered was connected to Jasmine.

Ugh, this was such a heavy and eerie story, I felt my chest heaving and crushing through every page. This book ain’t for the weak and scaredy-cat. This is terror.

From US to China, from Paris to Singapore to Vancouver Canada. You’ll really go places with this. book. Mr. Lowe clearly has the talent to dig deep into the paranormal. A supernatural genius who knew how to tell a hauntingly real, surreal and unreal story.




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